Boy Scouts. ARRGHHH!

For the record, the Boy Scouts did NOT change their policy effectively. They made it so kids who are gay wouldn’t get kicked out. But if you are an adult, even if you spent 12 years becoming an Eagle Scout, the day you turn 18 you are kicked out. They are still equating adult queers with pedophilia by rendering them not okay to be around children.

This is the reality. 90% of pedophiles are straight men. Abusing kids is about power, not sex. Not even a little.

Unless the Boy Scout lift their ban entirely, I suggest that people do not have their boys join. Join Navigators USA ( or one of the other Orgs that are like the Boy Scouts but have different policies.

This policy change is worse than no policy change. It implies that as a gay child we will begrudgingly accept you, but we know what you really become once you’re 18, and we don’t think you should be around our children.