Pictures and Such!

Queer Aperture- Jeffrey Horvitz

Belinda Lezberados

Don’t worry, no Memes. Just the best of pics taken at shows, people I like, and myself. But mostly me. I’m a narcissist.

Ivan and Belinda Ivan Coyote and Belinda Belinda onstage at Dante's

Doug Stanhope and Belinda 2013 Doug Stanhope Lauryn and Belinda Lauryn Pithie-Petrie

Belinda Carroll Headshot Serious

Fred and Belinda Wrap Party

Fred Armisen, Carrie, Lauryn and me

Belinda Headshot Ootdoors

Belinda portrait Portrait by Jay Walls

Belinda and Curiously Strong Comedy Vicki Shaw, Jackie Monahan and Gloria Bigalow
Q Center show

Belinda and Dana Goldberg Dana Goldberg Garafolo and I Janeane Garofalo

Margaret Cho, Sue and I Margaret Cho


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