Another Fat Girl Devastated over Abercrombie and Fitch

Ok maybe not. I don’t know why the internet outrage meter on this whole ‘no fat clothes’ at A&F is nearing defcon 1.(A&F windbag CEO’s opinion) They have always had white, too thin, model types for the stores. The CEO of A&F Mike Jefferies is clearly pathological in his need to distance himself from his not so beautiful roots.

The guy looks (MIke’s mug) like the main character in the 1985 movie Mask. (For people who’s cells hadn’t divided in 1985) For a guy like him to refuse to even be around people that don’t fit into a very narrow definition of beauty means that guy has a shit-ton of self hate going on. That’s fucking tragic. I don’t give a shit what his opinion is on the popularity of fat people, because he’s clearly basing his company on a standard that he himself cannot meet.

So fat girls out there. Rest assured that my life is awesome. I wear a size 18/20, I have great adventures. I get to act, sing, perform stand-up comedy, write and sometimes I even model. I get laid.

Mike Jefferies is a sad sack of shit who has turned projection of his own insecurities into a multi-million dollar company. My self image or popularity is not based on fitting into a A&F size 10. Or a Lane Bryant size 20. You are not your size.


7 thoughts on “Another Fat Girl Devastated over Abercrombie and Fitch

  1. I strongly disagree with A&F’s policies and how unabashedly image-oriented they are (there’s a difference between marketing clothing as attractive with attractive people, and just excluding/shunning people you find unattractive). I voice my distaste for A&F by not shopping there. Every day, I don’t shop at Abercrombie, in protest.

    That said, I think it’s fiercely hypocritical that people across the internet are using the appearance of Mike Jeffries as some sort of indicator that his policies are wrong. Sure, it’s illustrative of his hypocrisy, but how are we any better for judging how he looks? If we’re trying to say that everyone should be free of judgement based on their appearance, who are we to turn around and judge someone? Would it be any more okay for Mike Jeffries to say certain people shouldn’t wear his clothes or work in his stores if he was good-looking?

  2. Mike- When I point out how Mike Jeffries looks, it is not because I have a problem with it. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of a man who has built an empire upon insecurities. I personally think that insecurity is what fuels many people. But for him to, without irony, say that he doesn’t want unattractive (by his definition) or ‘uncool’ people in his stores makes the man unbelieveable.

  3. PS I am not trying to ‘be better than’ Jefferies. I have my own ways that I am wildly hypocritical. I wrote this mostly with fat girls in mind that would read his words and take them to heart. Basically I was writing this for me in the 5th grade.

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