Marriage is only gay if both parties wear rainbows and sing showtunes.

This is a big week for same-sex marriage kats and kittens! Supreme court is going to hear arguments about the shit clusterfuck that is DOMA and Prop 8. After years the NOH8 people will finally have their orgasm.

People are saying they are cautiously optimistic, but I am full-on optimistic. Even republicans are backing us, and everyone knows that they are 15 years behind everyone else. (If you don’t believe me conservatives, look at your pants.)

I would imagine that the LGBTQIIAA (how many letters do we need?) community will full on riot if Prop 8 is not repealed. At least I hope so. I will personally buy every dyke a pair of Doc Martians and revive the Lesbian Avengers ( if this shit is not repealed. Or maybe we’ll change the name to Queer Avengers so we can be all inclusive of our trans-family.

I have no doubt that DOMA will be repealed because my imaginary boyfriend Barack Obama has come out in favor of same-sex marriage and the administration has said they will not challenge it.

Prop 8 seems to be a little trickier with wide ranging repercussions and a hinging vote in Justice Kennedy being hard to read. I liked the NY Times breakdown on this if you want more than a random queer girl’s view on the whole thing.

New York Times’ take on the Supreme Court’s decision.

I hope the Supreme Court will do the right thing this time. A girl can dream.